Sunday, March 17, 2013

Father of the Bride & Dakota's birthday party!

Yesterday, we all went to watch Father of the Bride.  Dad and Rosie joined us.  Plus, Matt brought Chan up there, the Amos family was there, and Karen...I think we knew 90% of the audience :)

The show went really well!  Brit was very worried about some things, but I think they all pulled it off beautifully.  I love her character.  She's one sassy maid!  The play was quite funny!

I love, love, LOVE this picture.  Britney and Keilee's characters have a bit of a spat.  Brit looks like she's going to knock her out!

During intermission, they had set up a 'reception' area in another room with cakes and drinks and had live music playing.  I think that was an awesome touch.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Taking her bow!



After the play, we swapped Chan for Ben and went to eat with Dad and Rosie.  We ended up at Five Guys after trying to eat at two other restaurants that were closed.  What's up with places being closed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon...the day before St. Patrick's Day?  At any rate, the food was great and everyone had a wonderful time.


After we finished eating, we said out goodbyes to Dad and Rosie and headed home.  Suzette and Dave were bringing Zachary over after they went out to eat at the new Mellow Mushroom in town.  We were at the house for maybe 10 minutes before they got there.  We hung out of the front porch and chatted for a good bit while the boys immediately started playing Minecraft and Britney flipped around the yard.

The only thing Dakota asked to do for his birthday was to have Ben and Zachary spend the night.  He also mentioned going to the glow in the dark putt putt in the mall.  I tried to call them to set up some sort of birthday...thing, but their phone was disconnected.  When Dakota and I went to fye on his birthday, they were closed.  So I had no idea if it would work out or not.  We asked the boys if they would like to go see and I thought Zachary was going to have a come apart!  He was pumped about going!  We decided that if they were closed, we'd take them bowling.

Happy kiddos!
They were open!  I think they have hours revolving around school hours or something.  I didn't take pictures because of the lighting.  Well, I tried...but failed.  Anyway, it was SO much fun!  They had a blast!!!  Definitely worth the 5 bucks for each player.  The came up with names for themselves - Dakota was DAKODINATOR, Brit was B DAWG, Ben was BENJAMMIN' and Zachary was ZACH ATTACK :) 

Look!  Bobby and I were there too!
 And then we took them out for one more surprise :)

Once we got home, they played and played.  Then they decided to watch Wreck It Ralph and I made them a big pallet in the living room and went to bed.  You'd have to ask them what they did the rest of the night :)

We all got up this morning and I made up three batches of pancakes.  I went to the track and came home long enough to pick Brit up and take her to the thrift store to look for some jeans.  Closed.  On.  Sunday.  Meh.  So we ended up at Walmart for a few minutes and I bought myself a pair of workout/softball practice pants.  By the time we got home, it was time to take them to meet Suzette.  We dropped Brit off too.  She's gone to a concert in Birmingham with Dave, Emily and her youth group.

I dub thee 12th birthday a success!

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