Friday, March 8, 2013

Early Celebration

Today, we met Dad and Rosie at Olive Garden in Huntsville.  We got our tax refund in and owed them some money so we wanted to take care of that ASAP.  It also turned into bit of an early birthday celebration for Dakota! We had a delicious meal followed up by cake, birthday cards and a gift.

ToysRUs gift card baby!


After we ate, we made a trip with them over to Hobby Lobby.  It's always fun to look around that store.  They bought Britney a Manga drawing book and Dakota some Silly Putty...metallic purple and metallic blue.  They're pretty cool and he's played with it for hours. 

Brit had play practice this evening.

The play is next week!  I think Brit's ready to for it be over with.  She LOVES acting but this play has been stressful for her.  She's planning on taking the summer off which will give her lots of free time to spend with family and friends.  We're hoping to get some camping in very soon plus getting in lots of day trips and hiking.  :)  I can't wait!

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