Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shopping with the coupons again

We've been getting back into shopping with coupons.  Seriously...why did we get out of the habit?  This week I've gone to Publix twice and scored big time both trips.  At the beginning of the month, the online printable coupons 'reset' so you're able to print them again.  That's how I was able so scroe some of the same deals twice :)  Plus it opened up a great deal on cereal and fresh fruit.

So...let's see.  Here's a picture of our haul on the first trip, minus 4 10oz bottles of Dawn dish soap that we got for FREE.
Paid: $34.21
Saved: $73.63

 I didn't get a picture from today's trip, but I...
Paid: $18.65
Saved: $27.11

I like Publix more and more.  They were out of certain items that were on sale so they substituted different brands or sizes.  For instance, the 12oz boxes of Lucky Charms are on sale BOGO for $3.32.  They were out of that size so one of the workers walked over there with me and handed me the 16oz boxes for the same price!  So that deal was AWESOME!  Publix is really great about their BOGO.  You don't have to buy items in pairs to get the sale price.  The deal I had worked up was for three boxes, which cost $4.98 at that price.  I used 3 $1/1 and a $1/1 Target coupon.  Meaning I paid $.98 for all three boxes PLUS used a Publix coupon (buy 2 General Mills cereal get $1.50 off bananas)  Getting free or cheap produce is a HUGE bonus. 

So...yeah...YAY COUPONS!

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