Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have nothing particularly important to say.  I just felt like jabbering about, and this is the best place to do that.

It's been kind of a slow week.  We met dad and Rosie in Huntsville and they treated us to Taziki's.  Then we went to Southerland Station because Rosie wanted to buy the kids some presents.  She's very gift giving!  Brit got a Webkinz and a set of drawing pencils.  Cody got this really cool R C car.  Plus he bought himself a set of planet stickers.  I picked up a Winnie the Pooh coloring book.  Seriously.  No shame.

On our way back home, we stopped at the hospital to see our friends who had just had a baby.  Goodness.  Babies.  I know a ridiculously large amount of women who either just had a baby or are pregnant now.  His name is Brantlee and he's absolutely precious.  I made them dinner one night this week and took over homemade chocolate chip cookies as a bargaining chip to gain extra snuggles with that kid. 

Britney has gone to three art classes and to two Father of the Bride practices so far.  She's so excited about this play.  She has a pretty major role as far as how much time she'll be on stage plus it's the most lines she's ever had!  Since she is the maid, the director has given her free range of going on stage as much as she sees fit.  She has a lot of freedom in this role and she's pretty geeked about it.  And her character is kind of sassy.  That's seems fitting ;)

The kids and I sat down and discussed things they want to learn and work on.  It's a pretty decent list!

We're looking at ways to cut costs around here, so I'm pretty sure we're getting rid of our cable.  We have Netflix now and will most likely add Hulu.  That will save a good chunk.  We're also trying to sell things.  We have an absurd amount of things we've acquired over the years.  We still have saddles and tack from our horse owning 6 - 7 years ago.  We have old car seats in the garage.  We have the kids' crib in the attic. We have SO much stuff and as soon as possible we're going to have a huge ass yard sale.  What doesn't sell will be donated.  It's not coming back in here.


I wrote that upper section last week and never posted it.  Oops :)  

Brit is continuing play practice and it's going very well.  They have a photo shoot tomorrow and we still don't have the apron for her maid outfit.  Thrift store?  I bet I could sew one up pretty quickly too.

We met a group of friends at a local restaurant as a send off for Cathy and Lakota.  They're moving to Texas for a bit.  We had a good time chatting non stop.  No one took pictures.  Who'd a thunk? 

We've been hiking.  I took Bobby to Rainbow Mountain, we all walked the Wildflower Trail and then Brit and I met a friend and did part of the Monte Sano Nature Preserve.  Oh my goodness!  We loved it.  I'll get pictures up today.  I love finding brand new to us awesome places within an hour from the house!

We took Bailey and Cooper to the Rhodes Ferry Park for a little bit.  We're trying to get them out more.

We've listed all of the diving gear on craigslist with absolutely NO interest.  Why can't people just buy the things we want to sell...immediately and pay more than we're asking? 

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