Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Camper

This last week has been busy and pretty darn awesome! 

First off...the camper.  This could be a long explanation, but stay with me.  My parents divorced when I was 8.  Up until that time, I had things in my room that I liked of course, but my Dad's house is a log cabin.  The walls and ceilings are wood so I didn't have a lot of color surrounding me.  After they divorced, my mother, brother and I lived in a couple different apartment complexes in different cities.  White walls.  Then to houses we rented.  White walls and bad wallpaper.  Nothing was 'ours' to paint or make our own.  Our vehicles were always changing due to certain financial reasons so they didn't feel like 'ours' either.  After Bobby and I got married, we lived in an apartment and then in a rental house, both with white walls and no personality.  Even our vehicles have consistently changed, mostly from us wanting something different or needing something bigger.  (Not because of the financial reasons of my childhood)  I've grown up constantly moving and feeling like nothing is stable. 

In October, we will have been living in this house for 10 years.  10 whole years and the majority of the walls in this house are still that God awful cream color, there's not much art or photos on the walls, the majority of what we have bought for the house is completely boring and neutral in coloring.  I did decorate the kitchen, but it looks like it belongs in someone else's house.  It's not 'us' at all.  When I painted our bedroom, I painted it...beige.  I tried to make it look like what other people would consider nice, not make it home for us.  I have never in my life put a bumper sticker on a vehicle or decals on the window.  We've had the camper for YEARS and haven't done a thing to it.  It's still the same factory walls and curtains.

I've found some blogs that I like and after clicking and clicking, one website/blog post leading me to another, I found THIS post.  All I see is individuality and COLOR and happiness.  A lot of things happened after looking at these pictures.  I realized that I've never felt like my living conditions or belongings are actually mine.  I realized I've never felt in control of situations and I clearly have abandonment issues.  It's like I'm still waiting to move.  I haven't put anything on The Beast because my brain thinks "WHEN we try to sell it..."  It's been engrained in me. It's not if we move, it's when.  Even my clothes are designed to blend in.

The kids' bedrooms are theirs though.  They have had free range in there.

So, I emailed the first picture to Bobby at work and told him I wanted to do something like it.  All he said was basically Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't want to do things sooner.

Needless to say, Operation Camper Revamp is underway!  We're going to paint the walls WHATEVER THE HELL COLOR WE WANT!  We bought a couple yards of fabric and I've already made two throw pillows.  (I also made myself a new bandana out of one of the fabrics because I like it so much!)  I started spackling and getting the walls ready to paint.  Bobby fixed the door and window after them being broken at Epic while they borrowed it for baptisms.  That's a whole other post!  I started taking the HIDEOUS blinds and shades down.  We bought a gallon of paint that is this awesome blue that the kids loved and some railing to make a bookshelf.  At any rate, we're ready to start individualizing our surroundings :)




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