Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Railroad Bed Trail

Yesterday, Bobby the kids and I headed over to Huntsville.  My glasses finally came in and Brit's shipment of contacts.  We also cancelled our Knology and went back to Charter so we had to drop off Knology's box at their main office.  We no longer have cable, just internet and Netflix.  Knology's speed is ridiculously slow and we couldn't do anything online if Netflix was streaming.

While we were in H'ville, we decided to hit the trail since it was SO gorgeous out and bad weather is heading our way tomorrow.  We went to the Railroad Bed Trail that is part of the Monte Sano Nature Preserve.  Brit and I have been there once before with a friend, but the boys hadn't yet.

It was beautiful out...perfect day for a walk in the woods.

Brit kept going up ahead of us a good ways.  One time she came back...a little whiter than she had left.  She spooked a snake.  We continued walking and I spotted the Black Racer hiding in the rocks.  He was standing up REALLY high, but the first picture I took was out of focus.  He ducked in a little after he realized he had been seen.  At least I got this shot before he slipped away.

Dakota brought along his new Sonic Screwdriver!  Never know when you might need one.

Sweet babies

Dakota walked across this fallen log all by himself and was very proud of his accomplishment!  I probably would have fallen but dang that kid has balance.

On the way home, we got stuck in major traffic which added a little over and hour to our 25 minute drive.  Evidently there had been an accident although it had been cleared before we got up to it.  Hope everyone is okay.  We then grabbed some dinner and headed home, checked for ticks, showered and started watching another episode of The Walking Dead.  We're late to the Walking Dead party, but since we haven't had cable, we started watching it via Netflix streaming. We're addicted.  Really!  :)  It's awesome!

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