Friday, April 5, 2013

Epic, the camper and softball

Bobby and I have talked about it several times, and have decided that Epic just isn't for us anymore.  We haven't felt like we belong there for over 6 months.  I could go into detail about the why but it really doesn't matter.  I have offered many times to take Brit up there and she hasn't seemed that interested either.  She said "I kind of like it once I'm there, but I'm doing much to try and get there."  If Brit or Dakota still want to attend, we have no problem with that at all.  I feel like this is a very personal decision and those two are more than capable of making it for themselves.

However, I will rant about this a bit.  The camper.  When we first started going there, the pastor sent out an email asking if anyone had a camper they could borrow for baptism.  There's not a good place in the building for wet people to change so they decided to set up two campers.  We volunteered ours and they have requested it for every baptism since.  They have Baptism Sunday every three months.  After the first time, the camper came home without our rugs.  We told them they were missing and they said they would look for them.  Nothing.  Three months went by, and they requested the camper again.  We once again reminded them about the rugs.  They used the camper.  Nothing.  Finally after a bit of nagging, we were given smaller, thinner, crappy rugs to replace the ones that were taken...6 months earlier.  Like I said, they have continued to use the camper every three months for 2 years.  This last time, the camper came home with a broken door latch and window latch.  I can understand no one noticing the window latch, but the door?  Whoever locked the darn thing HAD to see that the door handle was broken.  They didn't say a word to us about it.  No offer to replace what was broken.  Obviously we're both pretty ticked off about it and have decided they will not be using the camper anymore.

Since we are no longer attending Epic, I decided not to play softball for them.  I know...I was SO freakin' excited about playing softball again, but I can't play for a church I don't attend and won't attend just to be on the team.  It's wrong.  So I sent a message to Amy stating such things and didn't and most likely won't get a response.  Also, the FIRST practice is going to be on Monday the 8th.  The FIRST GAME is one week later on the 15th.  So...yeah...

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