Sunday, April 7, 2013

Borden Creek ~ Bankhead

 The weather this weekend is ridiculously beautiful and perfect for hiking.  High in the low to mid 70s...and all that sunshine.  LOVE!  I was determined to get out yesterday and after some deliberation, ended up going to Bankhead with my friend Daniel.  We ended up hiking the Borden Creek Trail because neither one of us have been there before.

I enjoyed just about everything about this place!  The water is beautiful and clear and would be great for canoeing.  Well...mostly.  There were a couple of sections that were a little rough with lots of rocks.

There are trails that run along both sides of the creek.  Although we spent a good chunk of time off the path, up by the cliffs, rock formations and waterfalls.

Daniel being a goob

Neither one of us wanted to turn around and head back.  Every "Let's go 5 more minutes" turned into 20.  It's just SO beautiful out there, but we got a late start and wanted to make sure we got out of the woods before dark.  We will definitely be back, Bankhead!

Daniel is not the photographer type (Although he did whip out his camera phone when I slipped and fell on my ass!) so I didn't slow down and stop to take every single picture I wanted I normally do!

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