Friday, August 26, 2011

Day at Dad's

We spent Thursday with Dad, Rosie and Max celebrating Britney's birthday!
We had such a great time! We ate a fantastic meal and chatted and played Sequence.

Britney showed off her elbow licking skills once again.

And Cody was like "Hey! I can lick my knee!"

Rosie made a delicious turtle cake! I definitely want the recipe. YUM!

Max needed to move his horse up from the lower field so he would have more grass to eat. Stormy is such a handsome fellow.

Then we headed out so we could check out a new fishing place Max had found. The kids had SO much fun riding in his car on those winding back roads with the wind in their hair:)

Spittin' Contest:)~

Look at this thing!
He belongs to one of Max's neighbors. He's freakin' HUGE!
And still eating...
Max said he's been on a diet and has actually lost some weight.


  1. Love the new header for your blog! It's too cool. Your photography amazes me Gina...the rock picture is my favorite of the rocks in the edge of the water. Glad you guys had a great time celebrating Brit & enjoying the outdoors!

  2. Thank you so much Gretta! I like that picture a lot too. I just love photographing nature.

    The header is a picture of a license plate we had made in PCB:)

  3. What is that creature!!!???? I love your new header too. I noticed it the other day. See you tonight. EEP


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