Saturday, August 13, 2011

Skillet Pictures

Brit's wicked awesome Red Riding shirt.

Emily and Brit

Em gave Brit an early birthday present...

a guitar pick necklace from The Afters concert!

Bobby and Brit getting ready to rock out!

Dave, Brit and Emily

One of the opening bands...

Brit bought this Monster t-shirt and a Skillet guitar pick :)

They got home around midnight and Brit was still completely stoked! She told me about everything that happened and how awesome of an experience it was. She's so passionate about music. She wants to continue learning how to play the guitar and has dreams of starting her own band. Sure wish David and Gretta lived closer:)

WooHoo! I have a happy girl. Well, I have two happy kids. Zachary spent the night with us and Mario Brawled with Cody until 11:00 and then they watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We all went to bed around 1:30 so today is lounge day. Zachary's back home. Bobby's asleep since he has to go into work tonight. I got dressed...then put pajamas back on :) Brit and I have looked through the pictures and she told me about all of the cool things that happened. Including being close enough to the stage to get John Cooper's sweat on them. She said that she usually finds sweat to be disgusting, but not his sweat. He's hot and awesome!

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