Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mom called a couple days ago and told me about some new excitement in her neck of the woods. The other morning, around 6:00, her dog wanted out. He always goes to the backyard to be let out, but this time he went to the front door. Mom looked out, and on her sidewalk just in front of the steps to her front porch, was a box. She put her shoes on and went outside to investigate. Inside the box, were dozens of socks, ranging in size from adult to infant. There were a couple toys, a bag of Puppy Chow and of course, a puppy.

Isn't that bizarre? This is the second puppy that has 'found' her since she's been in that house. What kind of a person just drops a puppy off at some random stranger's house?

Mom had said she is the ugliest puppy she had ever seen and described her ears and how they are located on the sides of her head instead of the usual placement.

The kids and I had to go to her house yesterday, and of course we saw the puppy. Mom lied. She's not ugly. I think mom was trying to convince herself not to get attached. She was right about the ears though. They're wonky! They're long and stick out to the sides. I shall call her Yoda.

Yoda is a Chihuahua mix. She's brown with white on her front paws. She has a pretty little head and almost looks like a fawn. The kids played with her for a long time and then Yoda slept on the chair with Brit and then Cody. She plays non stop and then takes a good long nap.

Mom called last night to see if we could puppy sit for her today while she goes to the doctor with David. The kids seemed excited to have another opportunity to snuggle and play with a puppy so I told mom to bring her.

She's been here for about three hours. She's played, had a bath, played, slept, played, ate, played...she's pretty darn cute. Mom is looking for a home for her, so if you'd enjoy playful puppy cuteness at your house, let me know!

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