Friday, August 5, 2011

More Happenings

We went out to Esther's on Tuesday. While they were at our house for Filipino goodness, we had talked about us getting together during the week. We went to their house and after Matt got home from work, we drove to Cullman to get something to eat and went back to their house and watched The Adjustment Bureau. We brought Chan home with us and she spent a couple days. Those kids had so much fun playing and drawing and laughing. We had bad weather Wednesday night, and lost power for a couple hours. It was so hot in the house. We also had a big branch fall out of the tree next to the house and land right outside our bedroom window. It damaged a couple shingles, but I don't think it's anything major. There are limbs and trees down all over town.

Our confirmation letter from DaySpring came in the mail on Wednesday. Not bad considering I sent the paperwork off on Friday :)

My Grandfather's birthday is this month. On the 28th, he will be 88 years old. He's not doing well and has been in the hospital for about a week...this time. Thursday, he had a very bad night. He became violent, pulled his IV out and was talking about things that happened when he was a much younger man like they had just happened. He was very anemic and has needed 4 units of blood. (Not all at once...over the course of the week) The doctors have told Max (my brother) that he wouldn't make it through the weekend. The kids, mom and I went to visit with him yesterday. The change in him since we saw him last on Father's Day was shocking. He looked so much worse than what I had prepared myself for. In fact, mom had gone down to see him on Wednesday and she said he looked a lot worse in just those two days. He seemed kind of out of it when we first got there, but by the time we left, he was sitting up and eating his lunch. He asked about Bobby which showed me that at least his mind was present for the moment.

He had a good night last night and has had a good day today. He seems better from what Max said.

Today has been kind of blah for me. I didn't sleep well again last night and then this morning I woke up at 4:10 wide awake and panicked. I checked my phone, email and FaceBook expecting to hear or see bad news. So all day I have felt puny. I'm cold even though it's clearly not cool in the house.

I've been washing clothes and cleaning my room...which is the room where all hope is lost. It's a catch all room. Everything gets thrown in there. It's a disaster. Well, it's less of a disaster now.

I made hot tea and pulled the paints out after Cody got a bath. I didn't want to paint on paper, so I looked around for something bare and needing creativity spread on it. I decided to yank pictures out of their plane wooden frames. We each did one. Each frame looks different. I love them! Then they moved onto card stock. I need to buy some canvases. Now Cody is sitting next to me reading a book and Brit's still in the kitchen painting.


  1. Yay! Update! : )
    Next time I am at Southerland Station, I will check on their canvas prices for you.

  2. Thanks! We were there last week but I never looked at them. We were too busy playing with the stilts!


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