Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fajita Ninja Slide

Yesterday was Zachary's birthday party. He'll be nine on Tuesday!
It was so much fun...minus an injury or two.

The birthday boy!

He set this shot up for me...

The grub line.
Right before we started sliding, Cody got in a fire ant hill. He's has bites all over his feet and ankles. He's okay. He's quite itchy this morning.

At one point, Brit slid into someone's knees with her head.

Bobby and I went down the slide at the same time and my leg got underneath him and he was sliding in one direction, me in another...ouch. I cried a little. It hurt my hip so much at the time and now my knee is in a lot pain. I'm hoping it just got stretched and turned a little in the wrong direction and will be fine.

Then a whole group went down and Bobby got elbowed in the lower back pretty hard. I think right where he had surgery. He's at work today hurting. :(

Pinata by high beam.

We sang Happy Birthday to Zachary and then to Britney which was very nice.
She's 13 today!

She even got a present! That blanket is SO her!
Thank you Heather!

I think it's safe to assume that everyone who participated is sore today!

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