Friday, August 12, 2011


Bobby, Britney, Emily and Dave are currently at a Skillet concert!

Brit LOVES Skillet! We've known about the concert for months and have kept it a secret the best we could in hopes of surprising her for her birthday. A couple weeks ago Emily found out about it and posted it on FaceBook and the two of them talked and laughed and planned about the possibility of going.

By that time, I had the tickets paid for, printed out and safely tucked away waiting for the perfect opportunity to give them to her :)

This morning after she got out of the shower, Bobby slid a note under the bathroom door that said When you're getting dressed, dress for a concert.
Then we gave her the tickets and let her in on the big secret.

Talk about a happy kid!

Plus, while she was in the shower, her shirt from woot came in!

She's wearing it now, singing and dancing and having a blast with one of her best friends and their daddies!

(Bobby took my camera. I'm hoping for pictures to share)

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