Friday, August 19, 2011

The Beast, Flint Creek Trail, AC, Art, Sunset

We finally got a chance to sleep in a little later this morning. We've had to be up and going pretty early every day this week. Theron's not home yet from his cruise so we're still letting Patton out twice a day. So between that, insurance issues, rental car, appointments, etc...we've been busy in the mornings.

At 11:30 we got the phone call that The Beast was ready! We weren't expecting it to be ready until Tuesday. We finished getting ready, ran a couple errands, picked up The Beast, dropped off the pretty, red, HORRIBLE gas mileage car ( got 11.4 mpg) went to pick up Britney, who had spent the night with Cathy and Kaitlin, came home to eat lunch and then went to find something to do outside. I've been in a funk lately, and being outside with my camera usually makes me feel better.

We ended up at Flint Creek Trail. I wanted to go to the refuge, but they were shutting the gate when we pulled up. Oops!

We came home to a VERY hot house. I had noticed how hot it was before we left, but when we got back, it was HOT. There was air blowing out of the vent, but it wasn't cold. Bobby checked the unit and it seemed that the fan motor was the culprit. Bobby decided to put it back together and when he did, it started working. I suppose that means there's a short in the wiring, but I'm so very thankful it's working now. I nearly cried. The whole thing was quite emotional.

Britney wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up some art supplies with the gift cards she's gotten. She said she's in a very artsy mood! She was able to pick up 2 2 pack canvases, 9 tubes of paint and 2 packages of paintbrushes...and still has almost $12 on that particular card. The paints and brushes were on sale and we used a 40% off one item coupon for the canvase.
We dropped Bobby and Cody off at the house (He wanted to make sure nothing was going on with the AC) and Brit and I went to Walmart so she could look at a few things. Plus I needed to pick up some groceries. She bought herself an Alabama hat and t-shirt. Both look really great on her! When we walked out of the store, we got an amazing treat. The sunset was extraordinary!

When we got home, Bobby and Cody were watching the new Thundercats show:) We ate dinner, watched a little TV and now I'm ready to crash.

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