Monday, August 8, 2011

NOT Back to School Party

We had the best day!

Katy invited us over for a NOT back to school party.

We picked Karen and Keilee up on our way out of town and headed to Huntsville. It was very cloudy and stormy looking here, so I didn't much think we would get to swim. Wouldn't you know it was sunny and beautiful when we got there? :)

I LOVE this picture of Keilee!

The view off Monte Sano.

After swimming, we loaded up and went to Katy's house, which is absolutely amazing! It's perfect for playing, being creative and using your imagination and in the backyard there's a tire swing, trampoline, and the coolest, most awesome tree house!

And of course, food:)

Chan and Brit

Brit had some issues with the hammock...

Zachary said "Take my picture Ms Gina!"

All of the kids played together constantly. They all had so much fun!

Katy's youngest daughter, Inde said that she wanted a chicken, so what did Katy do? She brought that baby a chicken! I do so like Katy.
It is such a fluffy, tame thing. Cody wanted to hold it, so he carefully grabbed it and it immediately climbed up his arm and perched on his shoulder.
We all thought it was quite funny and started laughing - Cody and his pirate chicken - but then out of nowhere, just seconds after that picture was taken, the chicken looked at Cody and PECKED HIS EYE! His eye got teary and a little red, but after 10 minutes or so, he seemed fine. I had a mini heart attack. ACK!

Off to play in the tree house.

Cody and Inde chasing each other just like they did at Burchfield Branch.

Kid group shot!

Katy and Esther set their cameras up to get a whole group shot.
10 seconds...

The whole group
Photo by Esther Crawford

Britney is spending the night with Keilee, Bobby, Cody and I watched the new Phineas and Ferb movie and now I'm off to bed. This has been an amazing day!

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