Monday, July 22, 2013


The other night the kids were with friends and Bobby was at work, which means I was...ALONE.  In the house.  By myself.  This hasn't happened many times and it frankly is better in theory than in practice.  There's only so much you can do cleaning wise - kitchen and steam cleaning carpets -  to occupy your mind and time before you're tired of manual labor.  Then, there's no one.  In theory, I would have thought that I would have enjoyed it.  I thought I would crank the music up and drink a beer, or watch whatever movie I wanted, curled up on the coach with Bailey.  But no...just, I don't know.  It was weird.

I ended up at the desk top, flipping through sites and listening to music.  It was about 9:00 and I heard someone at the door.  Bailey freaked out and since I wasn't expecting anyone, I peeeeeeeked around at the door to see who was here.  It was Bridgett!  She had come to see Bobby for his birthday, but I'm glad she settled for me :)  We sat and talked for two hours!  It was SO great to catch up.  It's been FAR too long since we spent time together and we're both tired of making excuses as to why we're busy.  We need to make spending time together a priority.  The end.  So we made plans for them to get over with the kids when Bobby worked off.

They came over yesterday afternoon.  ALL of them.  That's sometimes difficult to achieve with Brandon's schedule.  We grilled out and talked and laughed and played games.  The kids played and played.  I love the sound of a house full of kids laughing and just being loud enjoying their lives.  There were Legos everywhere.  Bailey was the happiest puppy ever with so many little ones to play with and snuggle.  She was actually quite good considering how many people invaded her space.

Tango wasn't particularly thrilled though.  Kaitlin just loves Tango, but she's still so little and...jumpy, with a little brother ramming into her while she's holding him.  Yeah...wasn't the best situation, so we had to calm things down some before we brought him back out.  Second and third time around were much better :)~
They spent the night.  There was popcorn and pallets and Wii games, laughter and tickles.  I have seriously missed these babies and am so thankful we were able to spend time together.  I made pancakes this morning, which got rave reviews.  I wonder if I could sell my pancakes.  Britney would surely endorse them!  They spent a good chunk of the day before heading home with promises all around of doing this again soon.

Happy :)

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