Sunday, July 21, 2013

Me and The Boy

While Brit was gone with Emily the other night, Dakota and I made up some non-Newtonian Fluid.  It's just cornstarch and water but equals lots of fun for someone who loves touching slimy, gross things:) 

His hands ended up being stained this greenish grey color.  Dead flesh color.  Nice.  After he was finished playing with that, we played a card game.  It's an Addams Family game that we used to love to play together, but it got stored away in the garage somehow.  We discovered it again while pulling things out for the yard sale.  He won.  Again.  I never can find that darn Uncle Fester card!

Before bed, we pulled out books trying to decide on something to read together, but ended up with a search and find book.  We joked around and laughed and had lots of good conversation.  I do enjoy some one on one time :)

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