Friday, July 19, 2013


Two dreams early this morning.  One was way the hell worse than the other.

First, the better of the two.  I got to see Papa.  Papa was a very special person in my life and I think of him often.  In the dream, he was alive and well, but it was Mama Sue who had passed.  We were going to her funeral and it was the moments before we left.  He was sitting in his spot at the table, pen in hand doing his word search.  We talked and smiled, even though he was sad.  I wish I could remember what we talked about.  I do know he was very proud of me, which is something I always wanted him to be.  In reality, Mama Sue and Papa have both passed, but it was he who went first.  I sure do miss them and am very thankful for the time I did get to share life with them.

Then the bad.  There were two buildings in this dream.  The first was a hotel.  People everywhere, couples chained, just out of the other's reach, crying, trying desperately to touch the other person.  People sitting in booby traps, where if they moved, a sharp...something...piece of metal would slice them.  Children hanging from the ceiling.  Alive and terrified.  Horrible things and I could feel the panic.  Chains and saws and fear...This part was more man made fear than supernatural.  Someone was coming over the intercom system talking to us.  He was telling us of his plans, which made people more fearful.
Then it skips ahead and Bobby and I are in front of my grandparent's old place.  There's another couple with us.  We're laughing and goofing off.  I do something that makes Bobby chase me inside.  He pushes me on the couch and then he's tickling me.  I look to my left and there's a TV.  The news is on and the women is explaining all of these horrible things that happened at a hotel...mass murder.  I start whispering and repeating the words to Bobby, but he can't see it.  There's nothing on the TV for him to see.  Then he looks straight ahead and he basically can see/hear us from seconds before.  And he starts repeating what we just said.  And then really weird, bad shit started happening.  At one point, I was able to break free.  Think evil spirits inside, not a man with a gun.  I was terrified and screaming.  I was bleeding.  But as soon as I left the house, I partially forgot why I shouldn't go back in there.  It was like the power of the house.  Once you walked out, you couldn't completely remember how bad it was inside or why you ran out.  The longer you were out, the less you remembered.  So the couple who were outside saw me and because I was so scared and covered in blood and without Bobby, well...we went back inside the house.  The scene was different.  Bobby was fine and talking to a man.  But it's like I knew bad things were suppose to happen and we were trapped forever, playing out different scenes of horror and death.

So...that's my morning!

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