Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Let's see...

I whacked off about 14" of hair.  It was crazy long.  Now some days I like my shorter hair and some days I hate it.  Oh well.  That same day we went to Dad's to for Father's Day.  We picked up food and surprised him at the house.  That was a fun day.  Relaxing.  Bobby and Dad took naps and Brit and I went for a walk.  Although, once we spotted the dead snake and noticed just how overgrown the sides of the road was, we headed back.  No need to tempt the snakes with our delicious Lackey blood.

Dakota and I met some friends up at a local joint to listen to some other friends' band play.  I enjoyed it and would have stayed the whole night, but it was too loud inside and too many people smoking outside for The Boy.  So we left.  He wasn't having much fun at all.

Brit was able to participate in Camp Art-Selle.  Last year, she did the theatre camp at The Princess, but she said she liked Camp Art-Selle better.  The performance was wonderful!  Talented kiddos I tell ya!  I don't have many pictures and we didn't buy the DVD.  That sucker was $25! 

Bobby and I went on a date night with some friends to The Brick.  We had a really great time, although we set it up so we could chat with our friends, which was hard to do that with a band playing.  But it was fun and next time we'll have to do something a bit quieter.

Bobby's birthday was yesterday.  Last weekend he and I went to Tunica to celebrate.  Not what I would want to do for my birthday, but it makes him happy and that's kind of the point :)  We did have a good time even though we didn't come home any richer.

Dakota and Brit spent several days at Suzette's.  It's the longest The Boy Child has been away from home and from what I hear, he had a blast!  They all did.  They ended up with a couple Crawford kids too!  Good times :)  While they were gone, I steam cleaned the living room carpet and cleaned the bathroom.  Oh, and I picked up a new shower curtain.  It definitely needed to be updated and I really like what's in there now.

Okay, I'm sure I've missed lots of things and I may or may not come back and add photos.

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