Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What a GREAT day! We slept a little late, which was nice since I haven't been sleeping well. We ate, got ready and headed to the library. Britney found the newest Charlie Bone book and literally danced with excitement! I am in awe of her love of reading. It just amazes me sometimes. Cody found a couple more Goosebumps he would like to read. He was pretty excited too!

We're learning about the Salem Witch Trials so we loaded up on books. I really do need to remember to bring in a bag with us next time. The Crucible and Salem Witch Trials should be coming in the mail tomorrow. I just love Netflix:)

After the library, we stopped at The Rose Garden at Delano. That lasted all of three minutes. It's freakin' hot outside!

Cathy invited to group over to swim today and we had a wonderful time...even though we didn't swim. I just couldn't today. Cody played the Playstation with Carson and Griffin, Britney and Kaitlin hung out in Kaitlin's room mostly, and the mommas talked and laughed. The girls ran in the kitchen at one point giggling like crazy and wanted to know if they could dye Britney's hair purple. Ah,'s just hair....have fun.

We stayed late and ate dinner and dessert. Then we watched The Matrix. I had forgotten how much I liked that movie!

Cody REALLY wanted to go swimming. Next time, buddy. I promise.

Britney's purple hair! She LOVES it! It really does look awesome. Too bad it's temporary!


  1. YOU CRAZIES!!!!!!! of corse, i have high;ights so who am i to say anything about purple hair.....

  2. Britney's hair turned out really cute! It is always great to get together... even if we don't swim. ;o)


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