Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of Summer Movie Marathon

We were sitting around the house yesterday trying to think of something to do as a family. I checked the Drive In to see what was playing. I had forgotten about their End of Summer Movie Marathon! I sent out a very last minute email to our friends to see if anyone would like to join us. Esther and the kids ended up riding with us! I LOVE having so much room in The Beast!

We got to the theaters just after 7:00. We paid our $15 and were able to get a pretty good parking spot. We started setting up and ordered some pizza while the kids kicked the ball around. Then we settled in and got ready for the movies to start.

The movie line up for the night was Cats and Dogs 2, The Other Guys, Despicable Me, and SALT. I had absolutely no interest in watching The Other Guys, although it was funnier than I had anticipated. The big winner of the night in my opinion was SALT. I want to watch it again.

Bobby and Esther figured the math. 8 people for $15 to watch 4 movies works out to less than 50 cents per movie per person! Can't beat that! :)

The last movie ended right at 3:00, and we were at Esther's house by 4:00. We chatted for a few minutes and headed home. We got in bed just after 5:00 this morning.

What a great way to pull and all-nighter!

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