Monday, August 2, 2010

Boiled and Broken

Tango shed a week ago and Cody's been eyeballing the skin ever since. He's asked repeatedly if he can boil it. Boil it? Ugh. That just sounds nasty and I wasn't too excited about the idea. That didn't keep me from pulling the pot out of the cabinet today.

Here he is dropping the skin into the boiling water

It boiled and Cody stirred it for about 5 minutes.

The aftereffect was as nasty as I had anticipated.

After boiling it, he put it in a bowl with cold water. He stirred it around, and God love him, he wanted to keep it in a specimen jar. little evil scientist!

Cody's had this ball for years and has occasionally talked about wanting to get the car out. He was a bit more urgent about the idea today so to the kitchen we went.

We used a knife to cut the ball open
and dug around until we were able to get it out. I have little pieces of bouncy ball ALL OVER the kitchen table. :)~


  1. eeeeewwwww, barfy! You are such a good mama, I would have balked at the boiled skin! Especially in a pot I would use later-though I guess BOILING it would kill germs...still. Puts me off pasta for a while. LOL!!
    Love the last pic, that is SO cool.

  2. That is sooo gross! Ya gotta love that kid :>)
    Way not to puke, Gina!


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