Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Coffee Pot

We're a coffee loving couple! Or should I say family? Britney has started to like a cup of joe now and then. Because of Bobby's work schedule, I wanted a coffee pot with a clock and timer so I could set it for him the night before he goes to work. We finally got such a device and I really enjoyed having it. Oh, and the automatic shut off. There's nothing worse than being two hours away from Panama City Beach when it hits you...Did I turn the coffee pot off?!

We had bought a second coffee pot to leave in the camper. Just a cheapo one with an on/off button. Well, our coffee pot with the nifty timer started going bazurk a couple months ago. No matter how we positioned the pot, coffee would flood the counter top. It was a pain and simply aggravating in the mornings when Bobby was trying to get ready for work. So I threw it away and now we're using the cheapo with the on/off button. I'm sad...

Now I set the coffee up the night before, and Bobby turns the pot on before he gets in the shower. He leaves for work but doesn't turn the pot off, so by the time I get up - which has been around 7:30 lately - that coffee is STRONG! I can barely get a cup down. On the plus side, my caffeine intake has been greatly reduced.

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  1. Coffee like that will put hair on your chest!


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