Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homeschool Swim, Sweet Doggie and a Meteor Shower

There was a homeschool swim at the Hartselle pool on Friday that we were excited to attend. It's been SO hot and Bobby hasn't gotten to swim at all this summer. We picked Kaitlin up and headed to Hartselle. Unfortunately, we were unable to swim because of bad weather :( We decided to go back home, so we could change clothes and then go to the store to load up on goodies to take to Esther's.

While we were in Walmart, Kaitlin started feeling puny, so we took her home. Hopefully she's feeling better now.

On our way to Esther's, we found a dog running around by the road. I know it's the country, but dang it people, keep your dogs put up so they won't get hit by a car. She's the sweetest little girl. We took her with us to Esther's to see if she'd ever seen her before. She hadn't. She said people dump their dogs out there all the time though. By then, she had worked her way into our hearts. She's just so sweet. She ran around with their dogs and played with the kids for hours.

Esther had planned for everyone to come out to their house to eat, hang out and watch the Perseid Meteor Shower Friday night. We had such an amazing time! There were 19 of us total and we talked and laughed for hours! Ah...SO much fun!

We went outside just before midnight, grabbed our blanket and pillows out of The Beast and watched the stars. It had been cloudy but the sky finally cleared off! We saw several meteors and Cody thought it was just the coolest thing ever. My back was hurting, so I had rolled over on my stomach for a minute and missed the best one of the evening. Oh well...there's always next year!

We got home from Esther's around 3:00 and I got a crate cleaned up and brought in the house for the new kid. After we went to bed, she barked and whined for a bit and then was quiet the rest of the morning.

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