Sunday, January 30, 2011


About four days ago, Britney had a bad headache. The next day, she had a little sore throat and cough. That night she got a fever and it quickly sprang up to 103 and stayed there all night. One word...CHILLS! She was pitiful. I didn't sleep much that night. I kept checking her temperature, pushing fluids and readjusting the washcloth on her forehead. She woke up the next day and felt some better. Her fever was under 100, although her cough has continued to get worse. Her fever has stayed under 101 since then.

Yesterday, Cody started running a fever and coughing. After he got a fever, his head started hurting. He quickly reached just over 103 and had a very rough night last night. I stayed up with him most of the night trying to help him just like I had done for Brit. The chills have been keeping him company, too. 103 is hard for his body to handle.

Bobby has had body aches, headache and a sore throat. He feels horrible, too. I've been lucky so far.

Cody woke up this morning with a lower fever but with lots of coughing. Then the coughing turned into vomiting. Then his fever came back. It was high again and he literally couldn't stay awake. He's been like that for most of the day. Britney also started feeling worse...lots of coughing and her throat is hurting.

We decided to load up the family and take everyone to the doctor. B, B & C all tested positive for the flu. Brit's had it too long for the Tami Flu to do much good. Bobby, Cody and I are all taking it. I'm taking it as a preventative measure.

I so want my family to feel better.


  1. I hope you all feel MUCH better VERY soon!!

  2. mom says (and i say) that if u need anything then let us know. soup? a cuddle? we are here!


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