Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love photography. I really like to sew. Sometimes. I've recently discovered that I enjoy baking. But I want to be more creative. I want to make things with my hands. I'm just not sure by doing what exactly. I could learn how to play an instrument. I've always wanted to do that. Is it painting? Maybe. Making jewelry? Nah...I've tried that. That doesn't hold my interest for very long. Although, Cody saw the beads last night and wants to make something today.

I think I'll go with painting. Our china hutch is very old. We bought it at a yard sale several years ago from a couple that purchased it in Alaska. I could redo that. Of course, it's snowing right now. Well...flaking. I'll have to wait for the weather to cooperate. At this rate, I'll get to start painting that in June.

Just about every room in the house needs to be painted. Well, that's not true. The den, hallway and hall bathroom could REALLY use a couple coats.

I want an herb garden in the kitchen. I'd like to have a window box with little planters lined up that the kids paint and label. We could build the box, too. Plus, we're going to have a vegetable garden this year. If I want to make things with my hands, I don't think I could do any better than growing food for our family.

I don't know. I've just been feeling arts and crafts lately with no idea what to do with it. Suggestions welcome:)


  1. I have that same urge to create, I am restless with the need to be doing, but don't yet have a finished product in mind. It's frustrating. I keep moving things around, cleaning like the Queen was coming and then leaving behind piles of paper trimmings or letting the folded laundry stack up like a castle battlement along the back of the couch. I want to curl up and read, then end up distracted by a sudden need to be outside or writing or taking a photo or moving that thing over there...

  2. I have been feeling "Crafty" lately too but our problem is that you have to have money to make anything crafty! HA!! Maybe all us "crafty" folks just need to get together and bring what we do have on hand and make something together. :)

  3. I re-bought all of my cross stitch stuff last week and when that project is done (or I get bored) I'm going to frame up my quilt to start quilting for the summer. If you want something quick and cute to do with scraps of fabric, these are really fun:


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