Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice is...slippery

and bricks and concrete are hard.

I need a moment to whine...please.

I went out to feed Logan at 5:00 yesterday evening. I stepped down the stairs to get the bowl, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground, trying to breathe and not throw up. I've jumped off horses before. Dropping to the ground because of your choosing is like slow motion. But this...this was so fast I literally had to figure out what happened.

I slipped on the ice on the step, smacked my hip/side on the brick step and landed on my ass on the concrete patio. I couldn't breathe...dear God that hurt. With me sitting on the ground, Logan thought I wanted to play, so I was yelling at him to get off of me. I couldn't move. I just sat on the ice and froze for a while. That was fun. I finally got up, got the dogs fed, took a handful of Ibuprofen and a hot bath.

This morning, my whole left side is hurting. I am VERY sore and bruised, but thankful I didn't whack my head or break something. It was just me and Cody at home, so if I had knocked myself out, there's no telling how long I would have been out there. Not that Cody wouldn't have helped me if he had noticed I was missing. I'm just not sure he would have noticed.

Ugh...I'm ready for Spring.


  1. OWWIE!!! china cabnits are just as bad. they like to bite peoples thighs! im sowwy! btw, i finished the vamp diaries and would like to borrow the second book from britt.

  2. I fell a couple of years ago and geez almighty! I was not ready for it to hurt like that. You will probably be sore for a few days. I'm SO glad you didn't break anything!! ((HUGS))

  3. I am so sorry!! Falling on ice is the worse. Are you feeling better?? Need anything?

  4. Thanks guys:) I'm okay...just sore and bruised and ready for Spring. Love you all <3


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