Sunday, January 9, 2011


Despite the fact that they have predicted 4 to 8" of snow in our area, all I can think about is traveling. I want to go! I want to camp. I want to go see places, waterfalls, springs, rivers and animals. I want to hike and swim. I want to photograph these things along with the landscape and sunsets. Oh, how I love to photograph sunsets. I want to do all of these things with my family and friends. Bobby, go make fire so we can have s'mores...please.

I know these things will have to wait, which isn't as bad as I'm making it seem in my head. I will get to photograph the allusive Alabama snow instead. Well, usually allusive. We will hopefully get to create another snowman...a less leafy snowman at that. Bobby got the leaves up in preparation for the snow. Our previous snowman was quiet leafy :)

Today, we are doing our school work, cleaning, getting laundry caught up and waiting for snowzilla 2011. I know we will have a blast in the snow. In fact, we have friends who have a horse and one horse open sleigh poised and ready. IF we get the snow that's predicted, they are all set up to give rides...and we're invited! How awesome would that be?! Of course I would need to get to their house. That could be challenging.

I hope everyone is safe and has lots of fun in the snow!

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