Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tragic Endings

There have some tragedies close to home this week.  There was an an accident that left one girl, 17, dead and her 14 year old sister in critical condition.  She's currently in ICU.  There's also been a suicide.  A girl, Brit's age named Kaylie.  Brit didn't know her directly but they have mutual friends.  I don't know her situation but I do know bullying was involved.

Bullying is something that we are fortunate enough to not have to deal with now.  When Brit was in PS, she was teased and bullied for being too nice.  Can you imagine?  That sweet little girl being made fun of for doing 'what she was suppose to be doing'  She always had her homework, raised her hand to answer questions, talked to the teachers, helped other people every chance she got, etc. and for that, she was ridiculed.  I've heard the argument against homeschooling "What about bullying?  They have to know how to cope with being bullied!"  Really?  As an adult, if I feel bullied by someone, I can remove myself from the situation. argument in my mind.  Young children and teens are not as lucky.  They usually don't have that kind of control or power over their lives.  Talk to your kids, but more importantly LISTEN to them.

Someone posted this on FB this afternoon.  It's powerful and thought provoking and I wanted to share it.  I am in no way saying Kaylie's suicide had anything to do with the subject matter in the video, other than the bullying.  Like I said, I don't know her story.    

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