Friday, May 17, 2013

Clear Creek

Bobby had a class for work on Monday, so we headed out to Clear Creek after he got home and we finished loading up.  We arrived right at 6:00, found our group and a spot.  We ended up right across the bathhouse in the handicapped site, which was very convenient for all of us, especially Dakota. 

On the way

Our backyard

We quickly found out that we had missed a fun day!  Sammy and Amanda had come over with their pontoon boat and taken everyone out for a ride.  There was swimming and canoeing and a waterfall.  I'm sure everyone had a blast!

We quickly regretted bringing Bailey and Cooper.  They are NOT good camping dogs.  Although, by the end of the week, they were a little better.

We brought baked potatoes for our group dinner and everyone ate together.  Except for Suzette, who made quesadillas.  The rebel. 
Our new black sheets to match the curtains.

Everyone went to bed early that night.  I thought the dogs would settle in and sleep all night like they do at home.  Oh, no...they barked and whined nearly all night.  Bobby got up and walked them individually.  I walked them.  Ugh...

The next morning, we started getting up and moving around 8.  Plugging the coffee pot in was the first thing that had to happen!
BBC- Brit Before Coffee
After some coffee and a hot shower, she was practicing one handed cartwheels.

I decided to bring the quesadilla maker so we did those for lunch.

This trip was one of the more laid back and relaxing camping trips we've ever been on.  We had nothing planned, just to hang out with our friends.  To be there and enjoy every moment.  The kids played and played and, did they laugh.  Usually, Brit goes off for huge chunks of time with her friends during camping, but Dakota did this time too.

I was there too!

Brit sharing a song she had written.

I brought the chalk and chalk paint.  That was fun for everyone :)

That evening for dinner, Bobby grilled a london broil I had had marinating for a couple days and some corn on the cob.

Soon, everyone was off to their own campers for dinner.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal!

I have a picture of Bobby and Brit from YEARS ago where they're both chowing down on some corn.  I wanted to recreate here it is.  I'm going to search for the older one to share.

As soon as she was finished eating, Brit was off with Chan.

The boys were very happy :)

I had made up a triple batch of pancake mix at the house, so all I had to do is add the wet ingredients.  That was a great idea.  I think I'll do that again every time.
Yummy breakfast

This is the skylight in the bathhouse.  It was very pretty!

Raccoon prints on my t shirt

The Wing Man!

The girls wrote a song together and performed it for me!  It's awesome!

I made up a pineapple upside down cake to share with everyone.  Oh my, this thing was YUMMY!  Brit, Chan and Emily asked me to teach them how to make it :)
 HERE'S the recipe I used.  Of course I did not worry about using name brand items.

The girls all brought their nail polish and tried a technique I found online called water marbling.  We failed at recreating what we saw, but I think I know what we need to do differently.  There are ALL kinds of youtube videos if you want to check it out.  Super cool! 

They still had lots of fun :)

Dakota completely melted this can in the fire.

And stuck another one on a stick a partially melted it.  It came home with us.
The next morning, it had started raining and even though we talked about staying another night, all I wanted to do was load up and head home.  I think at that point everyone was ready to be home.

Packing up
Before we left, Bobby and Dave went fishing.  I think they each caught a tree!

Suzette and I walked our doggies once again.

Wet puppies!  I'm still convinced Bailey is a Dr. Seuss character come to life.

The rained the whole drive home.  We got here, got unloaded, showered and I started on the HUGE mountain of laundry!  Even though we didn't pack a lot of clothes, it adds up with four people.  Plus we had all of the towels and bedding.

Another awesome trip!  How blessed are we?!

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