Saturday, May 11, 2013

The week and camper curtains

This has been a very slow week.  Bobby had to work every single day.  No one has felt very well, and Dakota now has a full blown sinus infection.  I took him to the doctor on Thursday morning and they didn't call in his meds until Friday morning.  Pretty pissed off, I was!  At any rate, he's using his nebulizer twice a day, along with a dose of antibiotic twice a day.  They called in a Rx for these Prednisone dissolving pills that they didn't tell me about beforehand.  I called in to the office to ask about it...mostly confused by the steroids via Albuterol AND Prednisone.  They called back WHILE I was on the phone with Bobby and my cell phone didn't even register it as a missed call.  I just magically had a voice mail.  Damn phone.  On the voice mail, the nurse explained a bit and then said "Call us back if you need us or have any other questions.  We're closed now and won't be open again until Monday morning."  That's helpful...

Bobby has had a headache, and because of working all week is pretty drained.  Brit and I aren't 'sick' just don't feel well.  Stuffy heads and sore necks and joints.  Meh.  Plus, the added bonus of cramping...even though my period hasn't started yet.  I have got to go back to the doctor and discuss my surgery options again.

Other than a couple quick trips to the store to replenish juice and chicken noodle soup, and some bills that needed to be paid, I've been home.  I did look at curtains while I was in Walmart.  I know what I want in there long term.  I want some beautiful batik fabric.  Something like THIS or THIS but we have a camping trip coming up and we needed to get something up now.  I saw THESE curtains at Walmart and thought they might work.  I sent Bobby the link so he could help me decide and he surprisingly liked them a lot.   I bought two panels at $9 each.  Each one measures 40 x 84 so I cut those bad boys into thirds, sewed up the ends and new pockets for the curtain rods and viola!  Two panels was perfect to cover the three windows in the camper bedroom.

Definitely not what I want long term, but it was a good option for right this minute.  Plus, it was a $20 fix.  Last night, I FINALLY started getting excited about the camping trip.  We have a lot to do, but Dakota is sleeping and on the mend, I'm feeling a little better today, Bobby's home, Brit is made of awesome, and we have good coffee and today is just looking better.  So...there :)

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