Monday, May 6, 2013


I went to Nashville this past weekend for a bachelorette party.  I wavered back and forth about going, especially the week leading up to it.  I felt horrible.  Ovarian cysts are no fun, my friends.  On Thursday night, I messaged Ashlee (the bride) and told her I may have to bail because I was in so much pain, but by Saturday morning, the cysts had ruptured and most of the pain was gone.  I was good to go.

I'm so glad I went.  We had such a great time!  You know you're having fun when you're losing your voice from laughing so much!

I took like 11 photos the whole time.  I decided to leave my camera and phone in the room.  All I wanted to keep up with was my ID and cash.  And EVERYONE had their phones taking pictures and videos so it was easier to relinquish control of the photo taking. 

Here's the whole crew!

We had the best time!  We ate dinner at Demos', which was very good and reasonably priced.  There was about a 45 minute wait so we all hung out in the bar area having a blast with the bartender and other people who stopped over to talk to us.  That's where we met Nashville stache!  :)

At Demos'

After dinner, we headed to Broadway and bar hopped, then to 2nd and did some more bar hopping.  We laughed and drank and danced and had a blast!  I'm so glad I went!

The next morning was easier for some of us than others :)  But, other than a bit of a headache because I mixed alcohols, I felt fine.  I was home by noon, ate something, took a shower and a long nap.

Ashlee and Brandon's wedding is on the 25th and I have to say, I'm anxious for the reception!  :)

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