Friday, May 31, 2013

Huntsville with Dad & Rosie

Wednesday night, I received a message from Rosie that they would be in Huntsville on Thursday, and after they were finished taking care of the things they needed to get done, they would like to have lunch with us.  Bobby's working nights this week so he wasn't able to, but the kids and I made plans to meet them.

We met them at Taziki's and had a wonderful lunch.  That turkey club gyro is SO yummy, I can't seem to make myself order anything else when we go.  We chatted about lots of things and then ended up talking about rafting.  If we go for Father's Day, they're going to go with us!  Rosie is making a trade out of it though.  If she does this with dad, he has to go on a hot air balloon ride with her :)

I told them that I wanted to stay in town until that evening.  I've heard about The Greene Street Market and wanted to check it out.  They decided they would stick with us for the day, so we ended up going to Green Mountain for a bit to kill some time.  I made a quick call to Esther to get directions and we were on our way.

We've only been to Green Mountain one other time, with Karen and Keilee and that was over two years ago.  It's such a beautiful place, I don't know why we don't visit more often.   

We only walked to the little log cabin and back out, then we sat in the wooden rocking chairs and just enjoyed the scenery and each other's company.  It's such a peaceful place.  Soon it was time to head on to our next adventure so I plugged the address into our GPS and we were on our way.

Can I just say that city parking confuses me?  There are lots, but you have to have a permit to use them.  Where do you get those?  We circled several times, ended up splitting up and each found parking spots about a block away in opposite directions.  At any rate, we were back together soon and we ran into a friend we haven't seen in forever.  Love those surprises!

The market is bigger than I imagined with LOTS of vendors selling local fresh fruits and veggies, homemade breads, goat cheese, hummus, salsas, flowers, herbs etc.  There's live music showcasing local talent. Oh, and 587 dogs!  Everyone brought their doggies ranging from a Doberman and Standard Poodle to teacup Chihuahuas.

Can you believe I forgot to stop at an ATM?  I went to a street market with NO cash.  I'm such a goob sometimes!  Rosie treated us to these wonderful frozen fruit pops.  Brit picked mango-habanero, Dakota picked a rainbow flavored one, Dad got a coconut (may have been pina colada now that I'm thinking about it), Rosie's was strawberry and I got peach-basil, which was VERY refreshing on a hot afternoon.  Of course, we all tasted each other's and they were all delicious! 


Soon it was time for Dad and Rosie to leave, and left me with $20 so I'd buy something.  We picked up a quart of strawberries, a bag of lettuce, a bag of spinach and a small bunch of radishes.  I can't wait to make a salad today!

It was a wonderful day.  I called them on our way home to thank them and tell them how much we enjoyed our time together.  Rosie said they were just saying the same thing and how when I was little, Dad had to work so much, he wasn't able to do spontaneous things with me and how he was so thankful he's able to now.  That made me tear right up.  I'm so very thankful for these moments :)

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