Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There be fleas

up in this house!  Cooper and Bailey have been bathed - TWICE with flea shampoo, sprayed doggie flea stuff on them, I've vacuumed and vacuumed, Bobby sprayed the house and we slept in the camper last night.  The dogs are still COVERED!  It's like their bodies are producing those little bitches.  Meh.

In other news, the window motor in the driver's door went out in The Beast yesterday.  So that part was order and Bobby's off to pick it up now.  I'm so thankful that man knows how to fix things like that and 98% of everything that breaks in the cars/house!

That $60 motor has turned into spending another $60!  Nothing like spending $120 on parts before 9:30 in the morning.
Bobby was able to fix one of the parts so that's $60 back in our bank account.  Go Bobby!


  1. Bengal house spray with IGR, I swear by it. I REALLY hope this is not another crazy flea year, ever since 2009,I have been on red alert!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! 2009 was THE WORST year for fleas, although this year seems pretty bad for fleas and ticks. Darn blood suckers! I gave Cooper another bath and there were easily 150 fleas that came off of him. Ack! We sprayed him down really good again. I ran out of shampoo so Bailey is still covered I'm sure.

  3. Maybe they will suck him dry and Dakota can have a mummy dog that does not bark or...anything. Yay!
    Ticks are horrible this year, we don't have fleas I think because I have been so anal about keeping the cats and dogs (and house and yard) treated, but I swear, the ticks don't care that the dogs JUST got a full dose of Advantix or that we are using all kinds of funk to thwart them. Even the dogs are developing sores and raised bumps, big red bald patches and nasty-looking scabs when I pull off a tick, even if it has barely latched on and is not even started to 'fill up'. I have not had any bites this year, just the one still crawling on my butt, eep! But Matt got eaten up at Tickomingo and 5 weeks later they still itch and look yuck. It's a bad year for sure.


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