Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daikin Festival

We try to go to the Daikin Festival every year.  It's a free event with foods and entertainment and prizes.  There's an insane amount of people who go, but the kids always have a blast.  Chan and Emily said they wanted to go with us this year.  Well, I completely forgot about it!  We went to Kitty's to pick something up and Tori mentioned she as getting ready to go to Daikin.  I'm glad she said something!  I would have felt bad if I had missed that.  Thankfully, Esther and Suzette made sure their girls got into town in time :)  

This is only a small portion of the crowd.

The worst thing that happened was that I was carrying a small backpack.  I had a couple water bottles and my phone and camera, but after you play the different games, you pick out little prizes.  Those things add up and it's good to have a place to stick 'em.  We walked by...probably thirty officers and not one of them said anything to me.  We finally get up close to the gate and I heard someone say that they aren't allowing bags in this year.  I asked a police officer if he'd like to search my bag, and he did and I started walking on through and was stopped by other officers.  I left the kids just inside and I had to go all the way back to the truck, get back at the end of the line and do it all over again.  Yay!  Then again, if that's the worst thing that happened, it was a good night :)

When I got back in, I met up back with them, got Dakota and the girls went off.  They had three cell phones between them and I knew they would stick together.  Oh, texting is also a much easier form of communication in a large LOUD crowd.  Score another one for technology and us finally being able to text :)

Dakota didn't go last year.  When we went to pick Emily up, he decided to stay with Zachary so he was really excited about it this year.  He had such a great time! 

 Evidently, my bandana was crooked all night and no one told me.

Towards the end of the event, they call give out the BIG prizes.  This year was an air balloon ride for two and the one everyone wanted...5 nights at Disney, including hotel, tickets and dining plan.  Yeah...that would be great!  Dakota was convinced we would win!  We didn't...

Love these two SO much!

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  1. Maybe no one noticed your bandana because they thought your head was lopsided. Or maybe no one noticed because even going back to look at the pictures, I still can't tell that it is.


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