Saturday, June 1, 2013


This image, from the book Olivia Goes to Venice was shared today by Free Your Kids on facebook with the comment
 "In which Olivia gets groped at the airport and is pleased with it...
  I guess we won't be buying *this* book..."

At first, I thought it was fake, so I looked it up and found it on Amazon.  Here it is and if you 'Click to look inside' the page is clearly visible.  The illustration depicts Olivia, hands held up, being searched for weapons by two adults with wands.  Olivia is 'very pleased' by the search.  I would love for my first thought to be something intelligent, but seriously the first thing that pops into my head is What the fuck?!!  It seems like the goal is to desensitize make them feel their bodies are not their own and to accept actions like this without hesitation.  It's disgusting that they are trying to normalize groping by TSA agents.  Let's give up our freedoms for safety.  Thoughts?


  1. They are not groping her,they are holding her hands and using wands. People have to pass through security-though I have never had to do more than walk through a metal detector. Not even the wand part. The thing I don't get is why she is pleased. I would think a kid might be a little scared or worried, but not happy that there might be someone who wants to make the plane crash, so everyone needs to be checked out.

    1. I realize they're not groping her in the illustration. I meant that after seeing the picture/reading the book, a child might be more likely to think it's normal and not question being searched/groped.


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