Friday, June 7, 2013

The girls

While we were camping at Clear Creek, the girls decided that they needed to spend the whole month of June together.  They need time together to talk and plan and scheme and giggle for 34 minutes straight without breathing.  It's quite impressive!  While it's not possible to have them together for the entire month, we are trying to coordinate as much time as we can!

Chan spent nearly the entire week with us and Emily spent a couple days and is back today.  I just love these girls!  They could totally live here and other than food shortages and an increase in dirty laundry, they would be no problem at all.  The only outing we embarked on was to the local thrift store so they could look for cosplay items. 

They also sent in a video audition for X Factor!  They sang Ho Hey by the Lumineers.  (Although I like Lennon & Maisy performing it better:)  Their voices sound so beautiful together.  I hope they hear back from X Factor, but even if they don't, I'm so proud of them for following their dreams and passions :)

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