Friday, June 7, 2013

The week

While Bobby was off work this week, we decided to tackle the garden.  Yes, we're late...but better late than never - we hope!  We went up the Valley Feed and purchased tomato, squash and spinach plants.  Actually the lady gave us the spinach for free because the plants look so rough.  We're hoping we can revive them.  We got those in the ground as well as seeds for cucumber, green beans, basil, parsley, a variety of flowers (hoping to bring those bees in!)  I think that's it.  I may have forgotten something. 


We have asparagus and garlic still growing from last year.

Yesterday, we decided to hit the farmer's market here in town and then head to The Greene Street Market in Huntsville so Bobby could check it out.


There was only one guy set up here in town, but we scored some delicious peaches.

And here's our entire haul...lettuce, spinach, onion, strawberries, green beans and this cucumber relish stuff that was quite yummy!

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  1. hye.. im just cruising ur blog, and i find it quite amazing places u got there.. btw im from malaysia, and i love all the pictures uploaded.. will read all of em.. and the peaches.. sooooooo goood...


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