Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We had such a relaxed, fun, family day.  We woke up to the sound of rain and wind and snuggled up with Cody and fell back to sleep.  After everyone got up, I made orange rolls and we got ready.  Then we waited on Donna to get here.  She dropped off a variety of homemade treats.  Yum!  After she left, we headed for Huntsville.  The shirt we had picked up for Rosie needed to be exchanged but the Old Navy here didn't have the right size.  This worked out perfectly since we needed an excuse to go to Huntsville.  Bobby and I planned a surprise evening for the kids.  It's an annual tradition for us to hit Fresh Market and then go to The Galaxy of Lights and even though I know they suspect, I still like to believe they're surprised when we pull up to the entrance :)

First, we stopped at Moe's for some dinner.  It was SO good!  Several of our friends have said the one in Decatur isn't as good as the one in Huntsville.  I have to completely agree with them now.  We could all tell a difference.

Bobby bet Britney $5 that she couldn't eat this chip covered with hot sauce.  She did it and I videoed it.  That's one way to make 5 bucks.

The winner!
Then we were across the street to Fresh Market.  The kids load up a bag each of their favorite candies.

Cody's treasures
 And Bobby and I loaded up on our favorite's too...a pound of Caramel Macchiato coffee and a big ol' bag of chocolate covered malt balls.  Or Molted Chalk Balls if you're me and can't always speak properly.

Then we went to the Galaxy of Lights.  I handed out Britney's elf hat and Cody's Santa hat that I secretly brought along.  I also told them that I brought the thermos with hot water and plenty of hot chocolate and spiced tea mix.  Pretty happy kiddos!

They have a section sponsored by the Space and Rocket Center with reindeer and photo op with Santa.  We've never stopped before but decided to tonight.

The countdown!

Cody played a game where you use your body to smack snowflakes.  (Using a kinect) Bobby soon joined in.

Britney and Cody decided they didn't want their pictures taken with Santa so we took a couple pictures and moved on. 

Then we drove through the lights.  I usually take 487 pictures of the lights, but took all of four tonight.  It's the same stuff so I don't feel like I've let anyone down :)
Now we're home, in jammies and about to hit the hay.  The kids and I are going to Esther's tomorrow so we've got to get up and going in the morning.  I love these gatherings with our best friends.  I can't wait!

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