Friday, December 14, 2012

"Little Women"

Tonight was opening night for Britney's 13th play "Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy"!  She has been working so hard on her role of Sallie Gardiner and did a fantastic job!  That sweet girl just shines on stage.  Absolutely beautiful!

She also volunteered to be a part of the stage crew and that poor kid was more worried about messing the sets up than she's ever been for a performance.  The couple of people who knew what to do during set changes weren't there tonight, so she was in charge!  I wish I could have videoed her taking charge of that group of people before the play started.  She explained scene by scene what needed to be moved and taken care of.  They seemed to understand, but darn if they didn't completely space on her.  She ran the entire first act by herself, moving tables and props without any help.  I think she put the fear of God in them during intermission though.  She had help after that!

Dressed for stage crew

I took Cody home before the show and missed the 1st act.  That boy was HONGRY!  We're (Cody and I and Rosie and Dad) are going to the Saturday show.  I decided to head back after Bobby got home from work and got there right at intermission.  I was excited to see so many of our friends there!  Ladies from church that we just love and of course of Roamies!  Thank you all for being there!

Our BEAUTIFUL girls!

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