Monday, December 10, 2012

The day

We have a tradition.  Each winter, close to Christmas, we pick a day when Bobby's off work and head to Target.  We grab our favorite Starbucks' hot, yummy drink and walk around the store.  We look at every single thing anyone wants to look at.  We're not rushed and we laugh like crazy.

As an extra treat, we took the kids out to dinner.  I kind of had my heart set on Mexican, but they decided they wanted Chinese.

Cody decided we wanted to try crawfish.  I'm pretty sure I ate this once when I was younger.  We visited my aunt who lived in New Orleans at the time.  I remember a seeing a big pot of them on the stove...but that's all I remember.

Not sure about this!

Bobby helped him open it up and get the meat out.  Honestly, that was...gross.  I thought Cody might chicken out, but he popped that sucker right in his mouth.

Thumbs up!

After dinner, we headed to Target. 


We looked at durn near everything.  Hats and gloves, shoes, electronics, toys, Christmas, sporting goods...

Had to get a shot of this.  I mean....that's just funny.

I started to head home after a very quick stop at Tuesday Morning when Bobby suggested we go to Walmart as well.  There were a couple things he wanted to look at there too.  So, off we went.

Things like this always happen in Walmart.
Nice, huh?

Bobby handed Brit a Zombie Hunter Destroyer Kit.  How fun!  She went on to tell us more stories about her airsoft outing at Heather's house.  She may have had a little bit of fun that day :)

I've looked at this picture probably 40 times and each time, I laugh.

We spent a good chunk of time in the sporting goods.  I looked mostly at the various day packs, water bladders and other hiking gear.  They have this nearly $80 pack that had me dreaming of hiking the Appalachian trail.  Seriously.  I want to do that.  It's on my bucket list.

Just call me Jayne

We got home and I think we were in the door for 2.3 seconds when Britney and I both saw something that reminded us of the 3D snowflakes Karen posted on her blog.  So we decided to make one ourselves!  HERE's a video if you'd like to make them too!  (Thanks Karen!) While I was squaring off the printer paper, Brit picked up the strip and started making a hexaflexagon .  She got REALLY into these not too long ago, but wasn't able to make one herself.  Not to her liking anyway.  She sat there and got it the first try!  She was GEEKED!  Hexaflexagons are so stinkin' cool.  Go check out THIS video to learn more!  Vi Hart has several videos and she's awesome!

My finished snowflake
After our crafty projects, we surprised the kids with Brave.  Bobby and I had secretly bought it while we were in Walmart and gave it to them as an early Christmas present.  We really enjoyed the movie.  Check it out if you haven't yet :)

Great day!

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