Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rainy Sunday

The play is over.  It went so well!  I believe with every performance they did better and better and everyone loved it.  Britney is exhausted though.  That kid ran around like a maniac, moving sets and carrying furniture for each set change for every show.  I told her she can sleep as late as she'd like to today.  I will not wake her up.  She just smiled :)  Cody has been a little sick, so I imagine he'll sleep pretty late too.  He's so sinusy and dried out.  I'm fairly certain it's because the heat running in the house.  He also explained some pain he's having and after a peek in his mouth, it also looks like a molar is coming in.  I know those suckers hurt and could also explain some of his symptoms.

Dad and Rosie came up for the play, helped break down the set when it was over and then took us to dinner after.  I really appreciate them helping out.  They have wanted to take us to dinner after every play they've come to, but because of the day they come, there's usually a cast party and then another show to do.  This time, we were able to go!  They treated us to Olive Garden and it was delicious.  Bobby was even able to get off work a little early and get there in time to eat with us.  It was wonderful and I'm very thankful for them and their generosity. 

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