Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Parade

 The Decatur Christmas parade was on Monday night.  We knew going there would mean Brit would miss play practice, so she contacted the director to make sure that was okay.  Brit hasn't missed one practice up until that night, so I don't feel too bad about it :)  I also opted to miss the last night of Derby.  More on that later...

Bobby and I did our usual alternate out pictures with the kids.  Then a friend of ours walked up and said "Hey!  How about I get one with all of you?"  So, look!  All of us!


Britney and I made spiced tea that day to take with us.  Mmm..spiced tea!  However, Cody was disappointed and frankly shocked that I didn't think to bring hot chocolate mix.  He and Bobby set off to find some.  And just look at that face.  All is right when the world is full of spiced tea AND hot chocolate.

My beautiful girl!

 One of the businesses right next to where we were had a snow machine going the entire parade.  That was fun!  Especially hearing people in the parade. "Um, is that snow?"  "Hey!  It's snowing!"  :)

We went and played in it when the parade was over.

We had intentions of going to the Princess Theatre after the parade to watch It's a Wonderful Life but the traffic down that street was horrible!  We decided to head home, put on jammies and watch a Christmas movie.  Most of our Christmas movies are on VHS but luckily we still have a VCR that hides in Bobby's closet. We broke it out and started going through our tapes.  We have It's a Wonderful Life and, my choice, Miracle on 34th Street. But when we found Hook, we knew we had found the one.  Not exactly the Christmas movie we had in mind, but we love it and haven't seen it in years. 

I mean, hot beverage of our choice, comfy clothes and blankets, Christmas tree lights on, and Robin Williams in tights.  What more can you ask for on a Monday night?  :)

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