Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roller Derby Day 2

I had an awesome time at boot camp Monday!  We started off by free skating to warm up.  The wheels on those skates were MUCH slicker than the ones I used last week, so it took me a while to adjust. 

They started us off by talking to us.  They gave us a history of their league, talked travel games, helping in the community, etc. Then we reviewed the things we learned the first week and I immediately realized I had a pulled groin muscle.  Well, both really, but the right side is much worse.  I did the best I could, but OUCH!  I use that muscle for all of the stops and for getting back up.  Just...ouch.  Anyway, after the review, we learned a few new falls.  Then they set up cones for us to weave in and out of.  I did that really well...until one pass and I busted my hiney.  I'm fairly certain it was caught on camera too.  A guy was filming nearly the entire time.  I haven't seen anything posted...yet.

Next up, we created a pace line to weave in and out of.  The entire group formed a line and skated around the rink.  The person in the back weaved in and out until they were in the front.  Guess what.  I fell during that too.  But was yelled at "Good fall!"  I can fall really well now :)  Anyway, I quickly hopped back up and finished.  Let's see, then we worked on pushes and whips.  I did really well with the pushes but lost my balance when I tried to whip Ebbin Flow.  She did tell me something though.  She said that they can all see that I can skate and have good balance and that they're very excited about me.  So...GO ME!  :)

After that, we were finished.  Those two hours really do go quickly but I've learned so much. 

I'm sore.  But not as sore as I was at this time last week.  Last week was rough!  I couldn't work out until like Friday.  I was able to work out last night (Tuesday night) so I'm doing much better. :)  I can already see a difference in my leg muscles and my arms/shoulders are sore so I know they're getting a work out.  WOOHOO!

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