Sunday, January 6, 2013


I'll post on Christmas soon, but I'm more interested in looking toward the future than looking at the past today :)  Last night we all sat down and discussed places we want to go in 2013.  Seriously, I don't think anything gets me as excited as thinking about going somewhere.  I have the GO bug all the time!  I love life experiences and spending that time with my family and friends.

We wanted to come up with our top three choices.  We all decided that Disney World is on the top of our list!  I want to go again while the kids still want to go with us...if that makes sense.  Our last trip was in September of 2008 which feels like FOREVER ago. 
Look how little those babies were!
We're excited about going back for lots of reasons.  Mostly, Cody has grown so much since the last time we were there.  He was barely 40" tall.  Now he's closer to 50".  There will be many, many more things he can do!  That's pretty darn exciting!  Also, we've never been to Epcot.  The kids weren't interested in going in the past, and none of us thought they'd enjoy it, but we all want to go now.

Second choice is a beach trip and although it wasn't my second choice, now that I've gone through pictures of a past trip, I'm excited about it :)  We all love Panama City Beach and staying at St. Andrews State Park has proven to be VERY enjoyable!  And those other three Wacky Lackeys sure do love the water.

And third, gem mining at Emerald Hallow Mine in North Carolina!  Seriously, we all love this place!  It's so much fun to clean up a pile of dirt and hunt for treasure.  We also talked about going home via Savannah, GA and staying a couple days there.  If you know me, you know how badly I want to go to Savannah.  I am beyond excited about this trip and have already started planning places to go, see and do while we're there.

We also came up with a list of day trips, maybe one nighter's, that we want to go on.  Most of these places we've been to and really want to go back.  A couple we've never been to but have wanted to check out.
In no particular order...
One place we'd love to go to again that would require a couple days is Tellico Plains.  We're also hoping that we can do a group camping trip at Clear Creek again.  That place was AWESOME and we had so much fun with our friends!

Lately, I've become very interested in backpacking, which is funny I suppose since I've never even tent camped.  I have some places I want to go, but that's another post :)

Okay...that is all for now.

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