Sunday, January 20, 2013

This week

(Which was actually last week!)

One of Britney's Christmas presents was art classes at Shop Around the Corner for a month.  She had her first class on Tuesday.  She enjoyed it very much, but at the same time she isn't accustomed to someone telling her how to do things...especially something like art.  But like I told her, that's the point of the class.  It's offering her a different perspective and new ways of doing things.  She's anxious for her next class!

During her class, Cody and I went to BooksAMillion.  We spent a good chunk of time in their LEGO section.  He was very interested in getting THIS book, which is funny because I was just looking at it online the other night.  He didn't get it because he wanted something else more, but we checked an old gift card and there's enough on there for him to buy it.  I imagine he will next time we're there.

On Thursday night, Britney went to audition for Father of the Bride.  This is with the same theatre group that she did Little Women with.  She's VERY excited about this one.  I'll update when they post the cast list!

Brit spent the night with Emily on Thursday night.  Em had originally invited her for Friday night, but Bobby and I had dinner plans.  Those plans were cancelled because of illness so she ended up spending Friday night as well.  Chan was there Friday night as well...HAPPY GIRLS :)

Today, I met the Crawfords (who brought Brit with them) and KT and her family to hike over at the refuge.  I guess it's actually called walking since it's flat, but walking doesn't sound as hiking it is!  We did 5.32 miles so that's better than nothing!  I'd like to go again tomorrow with Bobby while we are having these 65*- 70* days but it's suppose be storming and rainy all day.  Then it's going to get cold again.  I hate winter in Alabama.  I can't handle the back and forth.  If it's 70 degrees one day, it shouldn't be 37 the next.  The end.

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