Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village

Remember THIS post?  Brit and Cody were SO excited about that LEGO Castle.  They took all of the pieces out of the box and put a few things together.  Then the table needed to be cleaned off, so they'd throw everything back in the box.  This happened several times, until they quit pulling the box back out.  I believe it ended up somewhere in the deepest, darkest parts of Cody's bedroom. Well a year later, nearly to the day, Brit decided to get it back out to work on it. 

And work on it she did!

She put all of the smaller objects together - the tree, wagon, table, market stand, etc and she also did one of the buildings.  Then the next day, I put the blue building together.  I seriously enjoyed doing it!  Max and I played with Legos when we were kids, but we always just went off our imaginations.  We never had a boxed set so I've never built something like this.  Pretty cool.

The finished product

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