Friday, September 3, 2010


The day before surgery, we went to Gretta's house to spend the night. I knew we would have a good time, but I really didn't realize how important being there would turn out to be. Being together and having so much fun playing games and talking, meant we weren't concentrating on the next day.

We got to bed around midnight listening to the girls chatting. Our alarm clock went off at 5:00, and Jessie and Britney walked into the living room and said "Good morning!" It was kind of creepy is their little girl voices. Then they went to bed and we got ready to go to the hospital. Thanks for the coffee, Gretta. I don't think I could have made it without the caffeine!

Cody kissed Brit on the cheek and patted her head before we left. She didn't budge:)

We arrived at the hospital and were checked in by 8:00, and then we waited. Cody and I played DS while he tried to ignore his hunger pains. Poor kid. We were called back to our surgery waiting room and played some more. Cody remained in a really good mood. I'm very thankful for that.

When he had about 15 minutes until surgery, the nurse came in and said it was time to put his gown on. We got him changed. Then he put blue gloves on his feet, which was completely hilarious at the time. He looked like he had duck feet. He hid them under the blankets to surprise the doctors. He's such a nut!

They took him back for surgery around 11:00 and Bobby and I waited. It's hard to wait. First his ENT came in to tell us everything went great. Then his Urologist said the same around 12:15. We still hadn't gotten to see him by 1:50, so I asked the nurse to check on him. Twenty minutes later, we were taken back to recovery to sit with him. He was sitting up in bed, watching Shrek the Third and was SO happy to see us. Trust me, the feeling was mutual.

It took so long in recovery because when he was coming out of anesthesia, he started breathing hard. They had to do a breathing treatment on him. Because of that, the anesthesiologist wanted him to go to Special Care and they were waiting on a spot for him.

Here he is in the recovery room, watching Shrek and FINALLY getting to eat!
While we were waiting, his ENT came in to check on him. We started talking about Special Care, and he agreed that Cody wasn't in any danger...oxygen and heart rate were great, breathing great, eating, drinking, completely he had us right there with him watching him like a hawk. He spoke with the anesthesiologist, who also agreed Cody could go to a regular room. It's so much better in a room. Everyone is more comfortable, and there's privacy. Yay, for regular room!

It was about 5:30 when he got a room. Bobby's so sweet. While we were waiting during surgery, we were talking about dinner. We hadn't eaten either, and weren't going to until Cody could. I thought about Moe's and remembered seeing one close to the hospital last time we drove around the hospital. He went and got us Moe's for dinner! Thanks, baby!

Welcome to Moe's!
Cody had a pretty good night. I know he slept more than we did. It was like his room had a revolving door...SO many people came in and out. A doctor who works with Cody's ENT came in to check on him at 6:30. He remembered us from earlier stays at the hospital:)

By mid-morning, Cody was ready to be rid of his IV and wanted to take a walk. We got a wagon ready for him just in case he didn't want to walk that far, but he never used it. He walked all over that hospital and over into the Children's Harbor.

At the Children's Harbor trying to win a Beeny Baby.

He was discharged around lunch time, and was ready to go by 12:30. He was SO happy to be leaving!

He has follow up appointments at the end of the month. He's sore, but has only needed Motrin three times since surgery. He's done exceptionally well! He's under activity restrictions for about a month.

We went to Gretta's and got our Britney. We sure did miss her. It sounds like she had quite the time there! She got to drive/ride a four wheeler for the first time and shot a .22 and hit her target on the second shot. Way to go kid:)

Thank you guys for taking care of her. I know she had a blast and we really appreciate it!

And thank you to everyone for all of your help, thoughts and prayers. We love you all and appreciate each of you!!


  1. We LOVED having Britney with us and we sure did enjoy the spend the night party the night before surgery also. We have got to do that again soon because we all had a blast!! So thankful Cody did so well through surgery and is recovering so nicely. We love your family!!! :)

  2. what was the sugery on? should i be worried about the little tyke?


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