Sunday, January 24, 2010

Totally Gross Board Game and a Fort Night

Cathy and Rick sent Totally Gross to Cody for Christmas. It's been out and we've looked at it several times, just hadn't played it...until yesterday that is.
Here's how you play:

There are three stacks of cards; Professor, Totally Gross and Lab. You pick a game piece and person, and you each get a glob You stick the slime on your person's nose, and each time you get a point you stretch it, which makes it look like snot dripping. You roll the dice and move your game piece around the perimeter of the board. If you land on a number, someone reads a question off the Professor Card. If you get it right, you get the number of points you landed on. (If the spot is 2 and you get the question right, you stretch your snot 2 spaces) If you land on a Totally Gross spot, someone reads from a Totally Gross Card. These are more like things you have to act out. If you attempt it, you get a point. If you decide not to attempt point for you buddy. The Lab card is what wins the game. After you get 10 points and land on a Lab spot, you have to do the experiment. If you do it correctly, you win!

Cody and Brit playing with their slime.

This game was SO much fun and educational! We talked about the fastest river, Venus Flytraps, our armpits and toes, lungfish mucus, freckles, and a bunch of other stuff.
Britney won the game by doing this little experiment.

I've been foiled again! Sorry...I couldn't help it:)
We're going to play again as soon as Bobby works off. Cody can't wait to play it with him!

After the game, we decided to make a pallet and a fort. We made popcorn and put in Monsters vs Aliens. I fell asleep.

The fort is still up. Britney has made some improvements and adjustments and they both like it better now. They've played in it off and on today and I'm thinking we may never have our living room floor clean again.

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  1. So gotta get the game! It would be great for family game time. And the kids LOVE experiments.


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